20th TTA Summer School

In September of this year we hosted the 20th TTA summer scho0l, with TTA clubs from around the country converging in Nottingham for a week of intense training covering sparring, poomsae, and general fitness. Needless to say, there was some serious sweating…


The week overall has been a fantastic experience, with fun events and of course training with Grandmaster Loh.

Training started each day with a “light” warm up followed by different drills and stretches to improve our techniques, fitness and flexibility.

Talking from the point of view of someone that was participating in this one-week-long event, I can say that it was really enjoyable and that like anyone that has participated to this Summer school or any other summer school has definitely learned to know their limits and challenge them. I remember that being uncertain about participating or not to Summer School myself, as I thought that it would be such a big challenge for me, but now I can say that I am happy with my choice, as it showed me that I can push myself.

This experience definitely brought the club even more together as a group and this was also helped by the events held at night to bring different people together from different TTA clubs.

Thank you to everyone for participating and we really hope to see you soon at TTA individuals and at the next Summer School.

Post Author: Sam V