21st Nottingham Summer School.

Every year the University of Nottingham hosts a Taekwondo summer school, where clubs from all around the UK, who are also part of the Traditional Taekwondo Association (TTA) come together for a week of intensive training, instructed by Grandmaster Loh, 9th Dan.The six days of training included, poomsae, sparring, strength and conditioning and of course lots of flexibility exercises pushing us to kick even higher than we even knew we were capable of!

Throughout the week, everyone got to know their body more, understand their strengths and manage to overcome their limits and weaknesses.

Other than the amazing improvement that everyone made on their techniques, flexibility and fitness, everyone also got the chance to come closer to other Taekwondo athletes through the socials that took place every night after training. It was also a great opportunity for some members to reconnect with old TTA friends that have met in previous summer schools.















Although the week was really challenging, I believe I speak for everyone when I say that at the end of day 6 you feel unbelievably proud for powering through the whole week and managing to accomplish so much in such a short period of time!



Thank you to everyone who came to Nottingham for this year’s summer school! Can’t wait to see everyone next year!


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