37th TTA Individuals competition.

Nine club members competed at the 37th TTA Individuals last Sunday, and 9 members medalled. It is fair to say we had a very successful start to our competitions this year, and this result pays testament to the hard work our members have been putting in and the phenomenal support from our instructor, Mr Gary Skinner.

The full range of medals won was:

• Anna Pafiti-Gold (Sparring)

• Jas Kaur Gill- Gold (Poomsae) •

Francesca Spagna- Silver (Sparring)

• Stefan Chomanicz- Bronze (Poomsae)

• Paris Spencer-Silver (Sparring)

• Isaac Laing-Gold (Sparring)

• Helen Zhou-Silver (Poomsae)

• Jacob Maresca- Silver (Sparring)

• Brad Hopkins-Silver (Sparring) Silver (Poomsae)

• Tim Chattell-Gold (Poomsae) Bronze (Sparring)

• James Saunderson-Gold (Sparring)

We’d like to conclude this post by saying a very special thank you to Colin West and Vinnie Annarasa for coaching, and to Mr Skinner, Stefan, Jas and Vinnie for driving to and from Glasgow. We can’t wait to do it all over again at TTA Teams!

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