National Student Championships 2017

The new season of competition this year for the University of Nottingham Taekwondo Club has already begun, with the National Student Championships spearheading the bouts for our members. The recently concluded annual British Student Taekwondo Federation (BSTF) tournament, which took place at the University of Worcester earlier this month, was the biggest event the club has participated in so far. Boasting a team of more than 30 delegates, UoN Taekwondo Club went against other representatives hailing from 50 universities in multiple events including individual Poom sae, pairs Poom sae as well as individual sparring for both WTF and ITF styles.

Day one of the competition saw the club excel in the Poom sae competition and ITF sparring. Having a competitor in each division gave the club a strong line up for the Poom sae events in what was described as a true test of great form and pattern discipline. In the end, UoN Taekwondo club finished second overall in these events with 1 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals. Continuing on from this success, support was lent from the team for the finals of the -57 kg Female Class A ITF sparring before eventually clinching the second gold medal of the day for the club.

National Student Championships 2017 UoN Taekwondo Club Poom sae team

Day two of the National Student Championships shifted the club in full gear as most of the delegates prepare for a full day of WTF sparring. Team spirit echoed through the arena with cheers being given to fellow members who bravely faced their fights through to the podium. Having witnessed a series of bouts that were both exhilarating and tense, UoN Taekwondo once again triumphed across the different classes and weight divisions, achieving a haul of 14 medals and subsequently putting the club in third place overall.


University of Nottingham Taekwondo Club finished third overall at this year’s National Student Championships
Four UoN Taekwondo club members have successfully qualified for the European Universities Games and Championships this year in Portugal. L-R: Uriel Soberanes (Silver, A Class -87kg), Thangaeswaran Nithirajah (Gold, A Class -63kg), Itzel Cacique (Gold, A Class Female Individual Poom sae), Gary Skinner (Club instructor), Alice Cardall (Silver, A Class -53kg)

The event concluded with four of the UoN Taekwondo Club members qualifying for this year’s European Universities Games and Championships in Coimbra, Portugal. The club also placed third overall after a two-day performance, making it the most successful feat for the club at the National Student Championships to date.


Post Author: Matt Cruse