In Taekwondo, the colour of the belt reflects the ‘Kup’ grade of the athlete, starting at 10th Kup (White Belt) up to 1st Kup (Black Stripe).  Black Belt grades are called ‘Dan’.



Each colour has a particular meaning, which the athlete should learn promptly, as it helps understand their growth as a Taekwondo martial artist.

Beyond Black Belt

Minimum Age: Time Period: Class:
1st Dan 16 yrs 3-4 yrs Novices
2nd Dan 18 yrs 2 yrs Novices
3rd Dan 21 yrs 3 yrs Novices
4th Dan 25 yrs 4 yrs Expert
5th Dan 30 yrs 5 yrs Expert
6th Dan 36 yrs 6 yrs Master
7th Dan 43 yrs 7 yrs Master
8th Dan 51 yrs 8 yrs Master
9th Dan 60 yrs 9 yrs Grandmaster

In addition to the above age and time requirements, the individual has to satisfy the technical excellence as well as mental maturity, tempered with good Taekwondo spirit before being invited by Grandmaster Loh for grading.