Grandmaster T. K. Loh

Chief Instructor and Chairman of the Traditional Taekwondo Association, Grandmaster T. K. Loh practised under a variety of top Taekwondo grandmasters and masters. Coming from a strong martial arts family background, Grandmaster Loh has acquired considerable knowledge and skills in a variety of martial arts ranging from Karate to Kung Fu as well as lesser-known arts like Silat and Pulculan. He is also the youngest Taekwondo practitioner to ever be promoted to 9th Dan.

Currently Grandmaster T. K. Loh is a Specialist Orthopaedic Physiotherapist. He has a vast amount of experience in sports medicine as well as an acupuncturist (both body and auricular). Grandmaster Loh started Taekwondo in his childhood years at the time when Taekwondo was first spread from Korea. During his early days his fame spread as a fighter as he would test his skills against all the other martial arts. He was also a great innovator, one of the first in Malaysia to do the double front kick as well as fourth in the world to do the split kick. By the time he left Malaysia, as a 2nd Dan, he had learnt all the patterns required in the whole of the Taekwondo syllabus as well as being recommended for the post of International Instructor.

He had been the founder and instructor of the TengKu Abdul Rahman (Prime Minister) College Taekwondo Club. He has been the instructor to the armed forces as well as the special branch. In the UK, he has trained the R.A.F. in the West Country as well as establishing Taekwondo clubs.

In 1977, he was the English Champion, followed by the European Champion in 1979 and 1980. He was appointed Academy instructor by Ki Ha Rhee 8th Dan. Grandmaster Loh was then appointed as Chief Instructor and Chief Examiner for the World Taekwondo Federation in Britain. He was also in the executive committee for the B.T.C.B. (1982 – 1990). Grandmaster Loh was Head Coach for the 2nd World Games Demonstration Team as well as coach for the 2nd World Games and the 7th World Taekwondo Championships in Seoul, Korea. He was the first person in the world to perform a five target aerial break.

Grandmaster Loh was the first in both the UK and Ireland to test for 5th Dan on the floor instead of gratuitous promotions. He subsequently tested for his 6th Dan and 7th Dan in Seoul, Korea under Grandmaster Park Hae Man 9th Dan. Grandmaster Loh is also the first in the UK and Ireland to have reached 7th Dan.

He is the only person in Europe to perform a Jumping Back Kick through 6″ of pine as well as the first in the UK to perform the Aerial Triple Front Kick. Grandmaster Park Hae Man promoted Grandmaster Loh to 8th Dan in July 2000 (see July 2000 issue of Taekwondo magazine). In July 2000 on a trip to Korea he was conferred Grandmaster status by Great Grandmaster Um Un Kyu, Vice president of the Kukkiwon. In July 2010 he bacame the youngest person to be promoted to 9th Dan.

Grandmaster Loh, with his experience and knowledge, has maintained the true way of Taekwondo in the form of the Traditional Taekwondo Association.

He has never devalued the journey a student has to make, the hardships, the joy as well as the steadfast attitude the student has to cultivate in favour of commercialism and sport. Coupled with his medical knowledge and Taekwondo expertise, training in the Traditional Taekwondo has been most effective in producing the highest quality of Taekwondo student. The standards of the Traditional Taekwondo Association are high and many have fallen by the wayside and only the best will reach the top.