Why Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is much more than kicking and punching. Practising Taekwondo promotes a strong mind, body and spirit.

The Traditional Taekwondo Association teaches the COMPLETE art of Taekwondo. The philosophy and spirit that is embodied in the ancient art as well as modern up to date sports science practises are combined to provide you with a balanced and complete martial art. Benefits Include:

  • Physical Benefits
    •    Increased cardio conditioning
    •    Increased flexibility
    •    Better co-ordination
    •    Weight Management and loss
    •    Increased Body Tone
    •    Improvement in general fitness
  • Psychological Benefits
    •    Increased Confidence
    •    Focused Mind
    •    Mental Discipline
    •    Positive Thinking
    •    Higher concentration levels
  • Other Benefits include:
    •    Stress relief
    •    Social interaction
    •    General health improvement
    •    Self pride
    •    Students learn to respect others and themselves