University of Nottingham ‘Try It!’ week


Starting next Monday, it is ‘Try It!’ week for the University of Nottingham: during seven, exciting days, the numerous Clubs and Societies will open their doors to those still interested in joining, and will offer a new round of free taster sessions.

University of Nottingham Taekwondo Club will be waiting for you all with a free taster session on Monday 13th October. If you have missed out during the first week, just come at the Sports Centre from 6pm to 8pm, and you’ll find us there to welcome you!

It will be possible to join our club straight away, the membership costs only 6£ and includes a month of training. For those interested, we also offer a Starter Pack option, which includes the uniform (Dobok), the insurance, the first grading, and a customizable t-shirt.


For any further information, just speak to a member of our committee on site, or write us.

If you are interested in knowing more about ‘Try It!’ and which sessions are available, check out their online handbook, or visit the SU website.

We will be waiting for you on Monday!



Post Author: Matt Cruse